About Machine Made

RETURN CUSTOMERS ARE HALF PRICE FEE!  Thank you for those supporting his early years.

Candice first saw Machine Made at the Southern Belle in 2010 when Carl Yamber jogged into the pen for the Novice Horse Slot Class that evening. “He was so soft, great legged and adorable. I just wanted him to be mine,’ she recalls.

She immediately turned to her husband, Cory, and said, “That’s my pick!” as they had been searching for a great show horse for Candice for quite some time. Her determination never waivered and between the Reichert and NSBA World Shows they finally convinced the Roscitis and Carl to part with him and purchased him from breeders Henry and Donna Rosciti. Candice was able to show him at the NSBA World Show. Candice can hardly wait each time she gets to ride and show Hershel (or M&M which is his other nickname).