*NEW!* Cindy McCraw of Riverside Ranch - Owner of “My Final Notice”

“I think that in a past life I must have had horses.

From the time I was a little girl all I wanted was a pony.”

“I must have driven my parents crazy because on my 5th birthday they drove up the driveway holding onto a pony in the back of a pickup truck and that was the start of it all. At age 15 was when the first foal was born at our home and that experience led to down the path of being an equine professional. At a young age I was befriended and became the protégé of an incredible lady, Virgean Miller, who was the pioneer of horse breeding and foaling in the North West. Her guidance and enthusiasm for the industry eventually led me to obtain my equine reproductive education at Meredith Manor Equestrian College as well as Colorado State University.”

Dynamic Deluxe...

Dynamic Deluxe, “The King of Pleasure”, and his last Birthday

“Living Legend” in the Horse and Rider Magazine By Jennifer Forsberg Meyer

Cindy Stephens walked down the barn aisle, heart pounding. It was October of 1989, and she’d just flown from her home in Sultan, Washington, to Carriere, Mississippi, for her first look at Dynamic Deluxe a stallion she’d all but agreed to buy. On the basis of the seven Dynamic Deluxe offspring they’d owned, she and her husband, Stephen, newlyweds in their early 20’s with no money to spare had finagled a way to come up with the stallion’s five-figure asking price.

Dynamic Deluxe...

Dynamic Deluxe, Western Horseman Legends Vol 6

He passed on his trademark “sit back and lope” gait to an enduring line of pleasure horses.

Dynamic Deluxe was different – so different in build from the other Quarter Horses of his era that he might easily have been brushed aside to become an obscure, forgotten gelding rather than a memorable leading sire. Yet the very thing that made him incongruous in terms of conformation is what gave him his ticket to game.

Dynamic In The Dark...

Dynamic In The Dark, NSBA Cover Story, April 2001

He was a strong colt from the start, with all the looks of a future stallion prospect.

It should be a once in a lifetime gift to own and promote a world class stallion, but for Stephen and Cindy Stephens of Riverside Ranch, this privilege has struck them yet a second time. After purchasing Dynamic Deluxe and taking him to the top of the AQHA Leading Sires List, they have begun the journey to fame again with Dynamic in the Dark. He is owned by the Stephens of Weatherford, Texas and Grant and Shannon McKenzie of British Columbia, Canada.


Dynamic In The Dark...

Dynamic In The Dark, The Southern Horseman, March 2001

A Young Stallion Destined For Greatness

As most any breeder will tell you, good stallions are easy to find. It’s the great ones that only come along only once in a great while, if at all. That’s why Stephen and Cindy Stephens, the owners of Riverside Ranch, felt so fortunate to own an incredible stallion like Dynamic Deluxe. “We believed it was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Stephens, “So, when Dynamic In The Dark came along, we felt twice blessed.”


Dynamic In The Dark...

Dynamic In The Dark collapses, dies May 4, at Riverside Ranch

NSBA: The Way To Go, June 2001

On Friday, May 4, Riverside Ranch in Weatherford, Texas, suffered a tremendous loss with the death of AQHA stallion Dynamic In The Dark. Later that same day tragedy struck again when the young stallion’s successful two-year-old daughter, Charmer In The Dark, colicked and died.

Owned by Stephen and Cindy Stevens, along with Grant and Shannon McKenzie of British Columbia, Canada, Dynamic In The Dark was being led to the walker for some exercise before being collected, when he collapsed and died instantly. Autopsy results have not yet been completed.

Transition Fix...

Horse and Rider Magazine – 1996

Written By Eleaine Pascoe

Photos by Cappy Jackso

Teach your horse to make a prompt walk-to-lope departure with this exercise from Western pleasure trainer Cindy Stephens. Event appeal: Western pleasure; any other event that calls for a seamless walk-to-lope transition. Goal: To teach your horse how to position his body so he can step into the lope from the walk without taking any jog steps.