Genetic Color Testing is In!!

This just in! Skys Blue Bently is

Homozygous for the Dark Gene EE for Black!

Welcome to Riverside Ranch, owned by

Mr. and Mrs. Donnie and Cindy McCraw

Home of My Final Notice and Standing Machine Made

Riverside Ranch is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Donnie and Cindy McCraw, leading breeders of American Quarter Horses since 1985. Under the skilled hands of Cindy McCraw, horses such as “Dynamic Deluxe” who was a leading sire for over a decade and then to follow, his son “Dynamic in the Dark” and now the very popular grandson “My Final Notice” have become household names in the quarter horse industry. A trusted name that comes with the backing of the 4aHorse program of the AQHA, when you purchase a horse from Cindy, you can be assured of an honest transaction that will leave you with exactly what is represented “the horse of your dreams”!

AQHA blue roan stallion “My Final Notice” is quickly becoming a house hold name in the quarter horse world. From his first foal, crop came his first world champion. From his second foal crop came his second world champion, and now that the” My Final Notice” offspring are of riding age they are winning in the riding events as well, already a superior producer and a APHA world champion producer. Great things are coming for sure for this young stallion!

With every great horse comes a great person that puts every piece of their heart and soul into the horse. A great stallion can stand in an open field, never discovered, never found, never brought to the situation that would give the stallion a chance to show his qualities and powers to produce. My Final Notice became the lucky one when Mrs. Cindy McCraw of Riverside Ranch fell head over heals at the sight of just a few lope strides on a video that was sent to her from a previous owner on the west coast.

Cindy is considered by many to be the “work force behind the scene”. She started as a young girl with the wish to one day own a stallion, like the ones she tore from the pages of the quarter horse journals and pasted the walls of her bedroom from floor to ceiling.

Cindy had that special, god given gift, to recognize a horse that carried a natural and special way of moving. This is what lead Cindy to reaching that childhood dream of one day having a stallion, she found that special movement in a stallion named “Dynamic Deluxe”. Through pure determination and the ability to dream big and create her own reality, Cindy found herself driving from Mississippi to Washing state with Dynamic Deluxe in a bumper pull trailer behind her. It did not take long for Cindy’s efforts and beliefs to take shape in the way of finding “Dynamic Deluxe” on the AQHAs leading sires lists where he remained for nearly the rest of his life. Cindy soon found herself heading out across the untied states with an own son of DD named “Dynamic in the Dark”. That special movement and natural talent that DD gave to his son, “Dynamic in the Dark” helped to land Cindy with an NSBA high point riders award.

Heart ache comes along in every ones lives at times and happened into Cindy’s direction with the loss of both Dynamic Deluxe and the early death of Dynamic in the Dark, both passing within a year of each other. It seemed to Cindy that the dream ended with the loss of these landmark stallions that were so dear to her heart, but she came to find out that they were actually paving the road for the remarkable animal “My Final Notice”

Cindy notes that she is absolutely overwhelmed at how the legendary stallion “Dynamic Deluxe” movement came shining through into “My Final Notice” more than ever before. Also accrediting the great “Zippos Mr. Goodbar” on the bottom side of “My final Notice’s” pedigree, for putting into the mix, even more size, bone, and strength to the total package.

Cindy is now embarking on a new adventure, in a sense bringing the very ranch “Riverside Ranch” back to its full circle. Riverside Ranch was born in the state of Washington in 1985, and will now live out its positive energy, honesty, integrity, and the love of horses back in its originating town of Sultan Washington. With the power and technology of science and the acceptance of it by the breed associations shipped cooled and frozen semen now make it possible for a stallion to be brought to its highest potential no matter which end of the United States he lives. Over 80% of “My Final Notice” offspring are conceived with shipped cooled semen thus a tribute to the viability of his shipped cooled semen. For Cindy the dream started in Sultan Washington with the grandsire of “My Final Notice”, the great stallion “Dynamic Deluxe”.

He appeared for the first time on the AQHA leading sires list while still standing in the state of Washington at a time when AQHA did not allow shipped cooled semen….this was an amazing accomplishment in those times. Cindy feels that all doors are wide open and her new dream will be, to one day see “Carson” My Final Notice, appear on the leading sires list!

Cindy would like to invite you to see the horse that has the movement that she is still in awe over, after 20 years of breeding american quarter horses. Call Cindy in person, She loves nothing more than family, friends, horses and the people that own them!

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2002 Blue Roan Western Pleasure Stallion

Stud Fee: $1,750.00

Includes Booking Fee Multiple

  • World Champion Producer
  • Congress Champion Producer
  • Superior Producer
  • National Leaders List Producer



Please contact Cindy at 817-304-0800 for discounted fees on your show proven mares or produce proven mares!


17HH AQHA Stallion


Offering Shipped Cooled Semen

  • Own son of Sky Blue Boy
  • Out of a 17.2HH Daughter of Indian Artifacts



Read More Please contact Cindy at 817-304-0800 for discounted fees on your show proven mares or produce proven mares!


2007 AQHA Bay Stallion by A Good Machine

Stud Fee: $3,500.00

Including Booking Fee Multiple

  • Reserve Congress Champion
  • Reserve Tom Powers Champion
  • NSBA World Champion
  • Congress Champion in First Crop



Read More Please contact Cindy at 817-304-0800 for discounted fees on your show proven mares or produce proven mares!